Traveling to the outer reaches of the cosmos and then back to the inner depths of Self, we return with a renewed perspective of the Infinite power and creative possibility within our very being.
Journeying intentionally with sound through a ‘reset’ , the workshop includes womb clearing, toning, energizing, guided meditation and focused growing of self love.


Through mindful intention, pray, sound & joyful movement, we re-connect with the strength & gifts of our ancestors, both personal & exalted.  We release past traumas and unwanted lingering energies and imprints. We explore the unique sound channel that each of us is, through melody, harmony, vocal improvisation and rhythm.  We come together through sound to build loving supportive bonds of service to Mama earth.

Free up your inner Songwomban!




About Saritah & Tamwah:
These sisters in sound & heart are vibrant multi-cultural & multi dimensional queens, coming from a lineage of strong women. Singer/Song writers out in the world, healing through positive vibrations. They bring their unique super powers of Joyful service & upliftment to humanity & Mama earth through healing songs.


PO BOX 122


NSW 2481





    ABOUT  US   


In the beginning there was Sound, and in the beginning there was Creation.


SONGWOMBAN takes you on an embodied journey, reconnecting and realigning your sacred feminine center to the center of All That Is.

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